Saturday, May 10, 2008

Illegal Immigration: The Facts

Let’s look at some facts concerning illegal immigration in this country. According to the American Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR), 18% of illegal immigrants fall below the poverty compared to 11% of native born Americans, and they are twice as likely to try to obtain some form of taxpayer based assistance. Did you realized that between $11 billion and $22 billion dollars is spent by state governments annually to provide aid to immigrants? That’s our hard earned tax money NOT at work, at least for us. Approximately $2 billion a year is spent on WIC, food stamps, school lunches and the like. $2.5 billion is spent on Medicaid for illegals, while $17 billion is spent on “anchor babies”; that is, babies born in the States to mothers here illegally. Thus the child is automatically a US citizen, and “mom” gets to stay here, in large part at your expense, as the caretaker.

The Center for Immigration Studies in Washington DC estimates 1.1 million illegal children attend taxpayer funded schools. Not surprisingly, the majority don’t speak English. So, guess who gets to pay for the in-class translator? Yelp, you and I do. According to the California Department of Education, the cost of educating its three million children of illegal parents will cost their taxpayers $38 billion dollars. In Colorado, which has an estimated 200,000 illegal aliens, the cost to its taxpayers is $140.6 million dollars according to the Colorado Department of Education. Even in Georgia, it’s costing their citizens $230 million dollars to educate the children of illegal aliens. FAIR estimated that residents of Kentucky (which has a hard enough time educating its own students) spent $51.6 million dollars just in 2004 to educate the children of illegal residents and that number keeps increasing. The PEW Hispanic Center estimated that in 2005, there was between 30,000 and 60,000 illegal immigrants living in Kentucky (

Let’s talk a little about crime. Statistically, illegal aliens have a crime rate more than double White non-illegal residents. Currently, the US has the highest population behind bars than any other industrialized nation. Of that, 30% are illegal aliens. $3 million dollars a day is spent to incarcerate illegals in US jails—that’s per day folks complete with three squares and free medical care. Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin at the Violent Crimes Institute (, located in Atlanta Georgia, wrote in 2006 that she conducted a year long in-depth study of 1500 sex crimes committed between January 1999 and April 2006. Her conclusion was that Americans face a serious threat from sex predators crossing the border.

Dr. Schurman-Kauflin reported that based on a population of 12,000,000 illegal residents, in which young males make up the largest portion of the population, the proportion of sex offenders was higher than that of the general population as a whole. To break the numbers down into understandable terms, it means that an estimated 93 sex offenders and 12 serial sex offenders cross our border every day. The 1500 offenders in this study had 5999 victims; that’s an average of 4 victims each. 53% of these were child molestations; 24% were rapes; 41% were sexual homicides and serial murders. Of the child molestations, 47% were Hispanic, while 36% were White. Asians, Blacks, and other nationalities made up the remaining 8%, 6%, and 3% respectively (I bet you've at least thought about checking on your kids at this point).

Of the rape cases, an amazing 64% knew their attackers. Hispanic and White victims made up 34% while Black women and other nationalities made up the balance. And these weren’t simply rapes (which is bad enough). 70% of the victims were beaten, and weapons were usually used. The average age of the victim was 23 years old. 3% of the rapists were categorized as serial rapists. Each serial rapist averaged 5 victims each. 6% of those raped and murdered were also mutilated according to the study. The most common method of murder was bludgeoning. The next most common method was stabbing. Both White and Black women were most often the victims of rape and murder (Whites had a higher percentage). Their average age was 42 years old and apparently socioeconomic class was a factor, the majority were in affluent areas. You can read more of Dr. Schurman-Kauflin’s study by visiting her site at

While “hard” figures are difficult to come by, an estimated 4 to 10 million people entered the US illegally along our southern border (you remember our southern border don’t you? It’s the one we were promised would have a fence along it with adequate security personal. The same one that folks in Washington keep failing to fund). According to the National Policy Institute, it would cost upwards of $230 billion to deport the illegals we already have in this country (gee, would be nice to have that fence wouldn’t it?). Here’s an interesting little fact; did you know that illegals send approximately $45 billion dollars back to their native country? Wow, that sure would go along way to offset the money they’re costing us. Shame our government can’t freeze those funds.

None of the three contenders for President have offered any serious avenue for change. So what do we do? Well, for one thing, the President doesn’t make the laws. That’s the job of Congress. For now, we need to make sure we elect responsible leaders to Congress (yeah, I snickered when I read that out loud too) who will get off their backsides and address the illegal immigration issue while we still can. Email them; write them; call them at every opportunity and badger them to start protecting America and Americans. Secondly, demand that companies have an “English Only” policy. No more “Press 1” for anything. Write or emails companies and demand “English Only” on their product labels. Report crime and form block watches and neighborhood associations. Insist that your children are exposed to a broad spectrum of cutural and language classes in school and not be resrticted to Spanish only language classes (as is the case in Kentucky public schools---frankly, they’d be better off learning Chinese). Lastly, don’t stop fighting for what’s right…ever.

Rush Limbaugh and Illegal Immigration

Pay close attention to the last part of the video.

We have another article by our very own “Moderate Man”. Take a look at what he has to say:

Politicians Promoting Themselves

I don’t have any problem with politicians promoting themselves, regardless of party. In fact there can be unexpected benefits that come from the experience. What we can learn from the issue is their character, values, morals, priorities, behavior, beliefs, etc. Yes, it could be corny or it could be confrontational. It is a good way for the voters to learn about the elected official, beyond the election canned agenda and information. Let me first say, there are many good politicians who follow the rules and laws. But I do have a problem with elected officials who use public money to promote themselves. Money that should have been used for the tasks that they were elected to. I have always believed that if you do a good job, people will remember that better than any other method. Many politicians promote themselves using public money. So many that the public seems numb and apathetic about it. These examples are but a few that come to mind. The past governors (you name either party) of Kentucky traveling around the state passing out ceremonial large checks for budget items. They should have just put the check in the mail. How about a United States President who has a letter mailed to inform recipients of a future tax rebate to its citizens.

Many politicians travel to events supporting lower and upper ticket candidates and especially around election time. Some try to mix in elected business travel to make it appear they happened to be in the area. Some try to stiff the taxpayer with the bill for travel till a public outcry makes it an issue. Some lower ticket candidates try to attend events for popular upper ticket candidates. They mug for cameras, try to get interviews, pass out their campaign materials, etc. They may try to pass the travel cost on to the public, by driving in a public supplied car, helicopter, etc. hoping they don’t get caught and coming up with a lame excuse to attend in it. One method of self promotion that is practiced by our Jefferson County Clerk. Every few years as required by law, she returns surplus budget money back to Louisville Metro Government in a December city council meeting with another one of those large ceremonial checks for 2-3 million dollars. It makes her seem like a trusty financial steward of taxpayer money. However, her office is given 6 to7 hundred thousand dollars in each yearly city budget. The council should eliminate this and let her operate on her fees and her surplus. The city money can be used for other Louisville Metro Government needs in these trying times. Just mail in the check.

Poll Results

Our last poll asked if public meetings should be mandated by government. 100% of you said “yes”. I couldn’t agree more. They work for us, not the other way around.


Bob Dane said...

Thanks Paul. Great summary of costs.

Bob Dane

Press Secretary/Communications Director

Federation for American Immigration Reform

25 Massachusetts Avenue - Suite 300

Washington DC, 20001

Office 202-328-7004

Anonymous said...

Please do not generalize. Our (Hispanic) family has a respectable size company. We do employ immigrants. We do check their documentation. There are immigrants here who are very much willing to respect this countries laws and be productive individuals.Every year we pay tens of thousands in taxes for everyones benefits, not just for the people from Mexico like us.Please consider that Most Mexicans come from Indian descendants who were on this continent for thousands of years.Some of the states with the highest percentage of immigrants were Mexican territory. This land belonged to their families before "with all due respect " the European immigrants came from half way across the world (without visas from the natives) and purchased it from a Mexican President who betrayed his people (Santana sold some of the largest southern states all the way up to Colorado)and was later Murdered by his people. Upon examining historic data, I'm not sure all Mexicans agree that European immigrants(in this sense if your not native American your an immigrant or you came from one) have more right to this land than Immigrants from Southern countries.My respects to all Native Americans. They could truly send us packing.
I do not think Immigration admittance should be unconditional but rather reserved for those who will help make our country a better place. Thank You

Another Opinion said...

Thank you for your comment Anon. As I recall, I didn't generalize. I was quite specific with the fact presented. Those immigrants who come here legally are most welcome (I sincerely hope that includes you), especially those who want to become part of the Great American tapastry, and that includes learning and speaking our language...English.

As for the "Native American" ancestry you speak of, for Hispanics, it's usually Mayan, Inca, and Aztec, though a few have ancestor who were Apache and the like. Truly a Great People. But much has changed. America, like every other nation has immigration laws. Those laws are expected to be obeyed regardless of one's ancestry.

If someone wants to come to America I think that's wonderful. Mine did to avoid religious and economic perscution. I'm grateful every single day they did. But, we ask that potential immigrants to it legally. And yes, I agree, when they come, they should try to contribute to the overall good of society, and the first place to start is learning the language. It will open numerious doors of opportunity for them and help them adapt to their life in America.

Focus on education too, especially if they don't have a readily marketable skill. Get involved in neighborhood groups, the PTA, social clubs. Anything to bring them into contact with others, It will help them adjust, build a social network, and learn the culture.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with most of what you have said. Honestly, I'm not quite convinced you have the whole story down. Maybe if you were to meet some undocumented immigrants and see their way of living you would have a different perspective. Here are some general facts that I have gathered: 1. Most illegal immigrants have false documentation, but some kind of documentation nonetheless. This means that they pay income tax. How many do you think collect it? There is too much risk in collecting income tax so, in the end, undocumented immigrants GIVE to the government. an average immigrant will "donate" about $80,000 to the government in their lifetime. 2. Undocumented immigrants that go to school don't have translators. At least not at mine. I know plenty of immigrants who have learned English simply by watching television and putting closed caption. Yes, they are that dedicated. 3. One question for America: Why is it "okay" to build companies in all parts of the world so that people and children will work for barely a buck, but not okay when those people want to work in America? Sounds a bit hypocritical to me. 4. I have family in another country waiting for a Visa, like America wants, and they still haven't received one in 10 years. My grandmother struggles to survive, and will keep struggling until she dies I assume. Coming into the country illegally isn't a matter of getting by in life easily, but a matter of surviving. Try reforming the social security and visa systems. They're old. 5. I seem to hear a lot about illegal "criminals"? Deport them. I find no problem in deporting the immigrants who do not strive for a better life. I don't support them, and I agree they do not appreciate America. But it is the hard working families and children not born but raised in America that are getting deported.

"And justice for all." I don't think so.

Another Opinion said...

Thank you for your comments Anon. It goes to show that this debate has many sides and won't go away any time soon.

I feel for the kids. It's not their fault "mom and dad" committed a crime, and yes, that's actually what it is. I would like to see more done in their home countries to create a stable economy and develope a strong middle class so they won't have to come here.

False documentation is false documentaiton no matter what you call it. It's like saying a "white lie" really isn't a lie. Coming here illegally shouldn't be "easy" or safe. It's a crime. And while I'm at it, we are a lot less harsh on our illegals than your grandmother's home country of Mexico is, where they throw theirs into to prison.

Because they use a fake SSN to get a job, they arerequired to pay toward Social Security. If they were here legally, they would reap the rewards of citzenship. I don't think anyone here illegally should recieve any taxpayer based services. To get it, you have to earn it. It would like saying John Dillinger should get to keep the interest off the money he stole.

The world has changed a thousand fold since Europeans came to this country. You can't base an argument on what happened 600 years ago. Nations exist which have national laws relating to secure borders and immigration. Those laws are not contingent on what occured in 1492 or later. America does't reject immigrants (as some nations are considering). We just ask that you go through the proper procedures.

International corporations are free to go wherever a host country permits. Usually they use local labor (which I think is woefully under paid and often with no benefits, which is another reason that social change should start at home, their home). To very different subjects.

Anonymous said...

Yes, many of what you stated is fact, but what I have noticed is that many of your statements are followed by biased opinion/fact followed by generalized comments, and single sourced justification. You completely forgot to mention that illegal immigrants pay taxes and never use the resources availiable to them resulting in a surplus in social security funds of more than $50 billion a year just from payments applied to fictional social security numbers. After factoring in services provided, on average during his time in the US, an illegal immigrant will contribute $80,000 more to the government than he consumes in services, Also immigrant students that don't have english as their native language do not recieve translators. These are just examples of the many holes in your arguement. I'm not going to argue with you because both of our facts our speculated and cannot be varified since there is no registry for illegal aliens. All in all, im not saying you're wrong but your arguement is biased and not based on complete fact. Thank you for your time, and thanks for posting your thoughts.

Another Opinion said...

Thank you for your comments. Actually, most of my information comes from government sources and organizations (on both sides) who monitor the impact of illegal immigration. Yes, you are correct that I oppose illegal immigration. And no, I wouldn't "argue". I am, however, always willing to listen to well reasoned comments presented in a professional manner. As I've often stated, there are many sides to this debate with valid points on both sides.

Anonymous said...

illegal immigration should 100% not be allowed. They come here and commit crimes, take jobs, start gangs. The border is a national security threat. I honestly don't care how nice an illegal immigrant is or if they like America. They shouldn't be here. And to the guy talking about ancestry, that's a load of shit. Doesn't matter, we have laws and they should be followed.