Sunday, August 14, 2005

Who Does Government Serve?

Comments by the media of recent to the lack of common sense in government should resound with a giant collective "duh". To often people in government forget who they were elected to serve. It is us--the people--that they are responsible to. It is from us that they take their marching orders. When citizens vote to restrict government spending, it's because they've lost faith in the ability of those elected to do their jobs. And when those officials have the arrogance to take to spend time trying to undermine the directives of the people, they should be singled out and removed from office as quickly as possible. Of course, part of the problem stems the fact we tend to elect people who have no expertise in a given area. Perhaps that's why we have so many lawyers in office! Shouldn't we elect more individuals with backgrounds in economics and finance? Shouldn't there be more small business owners, doctors and nurses, school teachers, or union folks in office and less "professional" politicians? We need a government which reflects the American People, not the rich one percent.

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Moderate Man said...

Right on!! Many politicians are only interested in getting re-elected. They will say anything to get the votes. They are afraid to do the hard choices and vote what’s right for their country, state, or area. They think politics is similar to a dry cleaning business and can stay in office for a very long time, unless they make major mistakes. Then after they are fed up with the office, they have the brass to impose their children on the public who usually are not ready for the office. They think as long as a politician's last name is on the ballot no one will notice. I have found the voting public is smarter than the politicians imagine. The voter goes to all the trouble to get to the polls that they have researched the candidates in depth. They know the main issues and who the names are. They may hope that a politician’s child may provide the same quality of service as the parent. But they are usually disappointed. With this kind of system, no wonder voting turnout is so miserably low. Some primaries in some areas of our town have a 9% turnout. The voters want more access to voting and important decisions. How about same day registration? How about voting by phone with a pin, at least for the shut ins? We do banking that way. How about voting on Saturdays? How about a primary for President on the same day for the entire nation? How about eliminating the Electoral College? The citizens are fed up and need a referendum on important decisions at all levels. Bring the power to the people.

Moderate Man