Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Error of Eminent Domain

The US Supreme Court has made mistakes before, and no doubt they'll continue to make mistakes in the future. However, seldom has the High Court erred as badly as its recent decision regarding the issue of eminent domain. The court ruled in a 5 to 4 decision to allow local and state governments to seize, without recourse, the property of its citizens on behalf of businesses for the purpose of development. Since when does the rights of a business; an artifical enity come before the rights of an individual?

Folks, that's just plain wrong. The American Dream has always included the right and privilege of home ownership. Many of us strive for years, sometimes our entire lives, to achieve this goal. We take pride in owning our homes, which in many ways becomes apart of who we are. In fact, don't most of us identify ourselves by the neighborhood or community where we grew up or live? To allow a private business the ability to deprive average citizens of their home for the some mall or warehouse is to deny Americans this most basic of rights. I have no doubt the Founding Fathers, as well as the other great patriots would have vigorously opposed this decision by the Supreme Court. All they can do now is spin in their graves at this latest perversion of their Ideals.

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moderate man said...

For a Eminent Domain Abuse support link go to:

They have lots of ideas and tools to fight back with.

See Press Release below:

Lets call the 2 sponsors of BR 134 prefiled bill in the State of Ky. house and give our support of this legislation. A BAD ruling can be overcome by good legislation. In the meantime , every supreme court justice who voted to abolish our rights should have their house targeted for economic development acquisition by private business interests, like Justice Souter.

CALL TO SUPPORT State Legislation:

BR 134 - Representative Scott W Brinkman, Representative Bob M DeWeese (07/11/05)
A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION urging the Congress of the United States to pass and present to the states for approval a constitutional amendment to protect the rights and security of citizens in their private property from government takings for the promotion of private economic development.
Urge the Congress of the United States to pass an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to protect the rights of citizens in their private property from government takings for private economic development.

The latest Supreme Court Ruling-(Kelo VS the City of New London)see below link